RIZE is an all-inclusive tournament event company.

When it comes to the tournament experience, RIZE offers the complete package. Our goal is to offer an exciting, interactive and safe atmosphere for players and parents alike. The RIZE experience includes popular DJs, professional photographers and videographers, an abundance of affordable concessions, outsourced certified officials and score keepers, and a 21+ beer garden for parents. In short, this isn’t your average tournament.

RIZE was founded in 2019 by P2K Management and a diverse roster of teammates. Kevin McLaughlin, an event business owner and former basketball coach, and DJ Gay, SDSU Hall of Fame basketball player and current coach, came together to rejuvenate the tournament experience. They built their tournament structure to include multi-game play guarantees – including pool games and playoffs, transparent scheduling onsite and through apps, strict player certification to uphold tournament integrity, and certified non-biased officials to optimize the player’s experience were a must. However, this was only the beginning. Realizing that parents dedicate countless hours and weekends to these events, RIZE endeavors to incorporate activations for adults into every tournament. With this goal in mind – to create a cohesive and enjoyable experience for the players, coaches, family members, community and staff, RIZE was born.

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